In the days before antibiotics and the NHS, people turned to all sorts of things to treat their ailments, including alcohol! With botanicals, added, it was easier to administer and so arrived gin. Soon the old Dutch apothecaries discovered gIn is actually better for the soul than curing your ills, and, at pHure, we think so too! pHure gIn is a modern, low temperature distilled gin, scientifically developed to best retain all those more volatile botanical flavours, giving a quite exceptional flavour. It is so smooth that it is superb neat, just trickled over ice, wonderful with the best tonic, a slice of cucumber and there’s no need for as the citrus tones are already present!

pHure nature gin

Our pHure nAture gIn is a bathtub gin saluting the prohibition gin makers of the 1920s. This is though, no-austerity gin; it’s made from the finest botanical ingredients and carefully filtered through the finest filters to retain its depth of flavour and breadth of aromas. This is a gin to be drunk pHure, with ice, with a slice of superb Sicilian lemon or with the very best tonic.

pHure Vodka

As vodkas go, at pHure, we think this ‘little water’ has rather less water, and rather more punch than you’d expect at high quality 40% ABV! So this is a drink to respect and to be drunk seriously chilled; and the vodka too! Enjoy this pHure organic grain vOdka in the free-spirit in which it is intended; it is pHure poetry:
Over crushed ice, lime slice, perfectly nice.
Mixed in martini, shaken not stirred.
Vodka and coke, old party joke.
Vodka as toast; straight down the throat!
So, Cin Cin, Salude and Na Zdorovie!

pHure chillied vodka

We took our best organic grain pHure vOdka, and decided to make it hotter than a very hot thing! This cHillied lEmongrass vodka has a huge, hot, slap-in-the-face follow-through, so beware! Slip this red hot poker of a drink into ice chilled pineapple juice or even better, the best tomato juice to create the most amazing Bloody Mary. You can even just add a little ginger syrup and ice or mix with a coconut liqueur. Play with it, enjoy, but remember, you’re playing with fire!

choc vodka

pHure cHoccolated vOdka is a complex piece of pHure science! It takes a shake to bring it to life to give a smooth, complex chocolate kiss and alcoholic embrace! Gently warmed to just over body temperature, you have the most amazing hot chocolate drink with a beautiful kick. It’s the perfect aprés ski or warming drink after a cold, winter walk. It’s also perfect mixed with Baileys or cream, for something different!

[About pHure drinks]

All pHure products are handmade, in small batches and using the finest ingredients. There may be minor variations in taste and colour because they are made with care and attention using natural ingredients.

It takes two PhDs and a professor of chemical science put their minds together to create the pHurest, smoothest vOdka. The base is the pHurest distilled grain alcohol made from cereal grains grown on land free from all pesticides, herbicides and certified organic, and which is carefully combined with the softest rock filtered mountain water available producing this exceptionally smooth vOdka for your enjoyment!

[About us]

Prof Andy Whiting

Technical Director Prof Andy Whiting

Andy grew up in the Yorkshire brewery town of Tadcaster, where the three-day week, power cuts and ‘70s mullet haircuts combined to leave him deeply scared and with a Python-driven, sarcastic sense of humour. A love of all things science led him to study Chemistry at Newcastle University, followed by an academic career as a University Lecturer and then Professor in Organic Chemistry. That Chemistry expertise has been brought to bear through working fellow scientific adventurers, Max and Kev, to create something special!

Dr Max Euan Noble

Commercial Director Dr Max Euan Noble

Max / Euan, originally a Scott, became an honorary Yorkshireman in 1977. Attending language courses he soon learned to speak Yorkshire and even think Yorkshire. Ten years in the hinterland of East Yorkshire he found the bright lights of Manchester to become a true Chemist, brushing shoulders with the Happy Mondays and other chemically fuelled beings. He shares a passion for motorbikes with the founders and having a penchant for extreme sports he enjoys nothing more than dangling off rocks or scratching his knee sliders around the Yorkshire wonderland known as the Pennines. It was inevitable that the three bikers would turn their hand to making the kind of chemicals that people just adore.

Dr Kevin Flower

Production Director Dr Kevin Flower

Growing up in a small village near Lewes in East Sussex, Kev developed a passion for all things chemical leading him through a degree and PhD in Chemistry, and eventually, on two wheels, to an academic position as lecturer in Chemistry at UMIST in the mid-90s. After many miles on winding roads with like minded souls and bar stool banter, the curiosity of this die hard chemist is now put to best effect by bringing pleasure to the world with others through the medium of gin. Kev is now pHure’s gin-flavour and fragrance engineer!


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The Millers

New outlets

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Announcing pHure liquors availability

Announcing pHure liquors availability

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