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All pHure products are hand made in small batches, using the best ingredients. There may be minor variations in colour because these are products made with care and attention to detail by human beings!


Announcing pHure lIquors availability

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pHure are pleased to announce the ready availability of its fine, handcrafted liquors at the following bars: The Miller’s Bar in Brighouse and The Victoria Inn in Durham, and off-sales…

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pHure websales coming soon!

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Its nearly there, the e-sales site is nearly ready for launch and you’ll be able to order 250ml bottles of our great gIn directly and get it delivered by post.

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pHure LIQUORS release 250 ml products

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pHure are happy to announce that they sell their drinks in both 250ml and 700ml bottles. Contact us for further details and ordering.

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[pHure gIn]

In the days before antibiotics and the NHS, people turned to all sorts of things to treat their ailments, including alcohol! With botanicals, added, it was easier to ‘administer’; and so arrived gin. Now at pHure, we don’t claim to be able to cure colds or flu, aches or pains, and definitely not anything nasty or personal. In fact, we think you should keep your clap to yourself! Soon, though the old Dutch apothecaries discovered gIn is damn good for the soul, and, we think so too! So, pHure gIn is a modern, low temperature, distilled gin, scientifically developed to best retain all those more volatile botanical flavours and fragrances, by small batch production, giving a sophisticated and exceptional flavour; it is, smoooother than a ‘70s bovver boy’s skinhead! It’s superb trickled over ice, even better with tonic, not too much, and slice of lemon.

[pHure vOdka]

As vodkas go, at pHure, we think this ‘little water’ has rather less water, and rather more punch than you’d expect at 45% abv! So this is a drink to respect and to be drunk seriously chilled; and the vodka too! Enjoy this pHure organic grain vOdka in the spirit in which it is intended, it is pHure pOetry.

Over crushed ice, lime slice, perfectly nice.
Mixed in martini, shaken not stirred.
Vodka and coke, old party joke.
Vodka as toast; straight down the throat!
So, Cin Cin, Salude and Na Zdorovie!

[pHure nAture gIn]

Imagine you’re soaking in the bath; you nearly went to sleep, it starts getting cold, and there’s a tide mark around the wide-enameled bath as you open you’re eyes.  There is the old chromed tap with brass showing through from wear and tear. This is the tap that ran you’re bath; the tap that made your gin; this is pHure bathtub gin and US prohibition gin makers of the 1920s, we salute you! But this is no throwback, old school gin, it’s a modern day, anti-austerity gin. Its got the best botanical ingredients, and it had the most careful filtration, through the finest filters even finer that Ann Miller’s first ever nylon pantyhose! This is a gin to drink pHure, with ice, with a slice of Sicilian lemon, with the best tonic. So, run your tongue around the rim and let the aromatics slide slowly down!

[pEppered sTrawberry gIn]

Wimbledon fortnight, strawberries and cream this isn’t, but Chris Evert’s tight fitting ‘70s shorts and forehand grunts, it certainly is! No strawberry kiss, but a sure firey smack of pure peppery pulpy fruit! Yes, cream, yes, the best vanilla-flavoured tonic! So, get your racket out, raise high to serve, and smack your fury balls. Game, set and match!

[rAspberried gIn]

At pHure, we love our neighbours north of the border; brave, socialist and independent (or at least nearly!). From wearing kilts, to populating Canada; brave people all! Mind you, we also think those fine highland Mum’s surely advised that good, warm underwear should be worn under those kilts! More importantly though, our crazy red-haired tribes-brothers also grow the most amazing raspberries, and ta pHure, that seems to make a drink that’s sharper than Billy Conolly’s tongue and even redder than the Devil’s red-hot poker! So, pop a bottle in your sporran and go and explore the extremes of your taste buds!

[cHillied lEmongrass vOdka]

We took our best organic grain pHure vodka, and decided to make it hotter than Halle Berry in “Die another Day”, and in even hotter than her bikini! In fact, not even James Dean’s pout is this damn hot! This cHillied lemongrass vodka has a slap-in-the-face follow-through, so beware! Slip this little number into something more comfortable, such as chilled pineapple juice and ice, or pop in a little ginger syrup with ice, or mix with a coconut liqueur. Play and play some more, but remember, you’re playing with fire!

[Chocolated vOdka]

Warm gently to just over body temperature, swirling occasionally before pouring out into body temperature glasses and just
let it sliiiiiide down. Our favourite warming technique is while in a warm bath, with a close friend! Or, friends, if you have large bath! Once warmed through and perfectly mixed, swirl in a little Bailey’s, or a little double cream; whatever comes to hand!

Warming instructions: This product separates upon standing; that’s normal. We recommend that you sit the bottle for at least 20-30 minutes in plenty of 55-60 °C water, giving it a good swirls or gentle shake regularly. It’s ready to drink when its clearly nicely mixed, completely smooth and looks like liquid chocolate!

[bLackberried gIn]

As winter descends and leaves turn to Autumn colours, its time to harvest those amazing hedgerow fruits. Perfect in Mama’s best pies and jams for sure, but at pHure, we like blackberries in our very own gIn. pHure bLackberried gin has a deep black-red fruitiness that’s brilliant just with ice, but also lipsmackingly gorgeous with a good tonic. So, close your eyes, see the leaves drifting down, as you browse the hedgerow for your own little, plump, black fruit, but remember to avoid getting pricked!